Bubble Visor



Best-selling Bubble Visor with UV protection.

The bubble lens is made of high-quality PC lenses, with three buckles, snap in the middle, and one snap on both sides.

The hinge on both corners can lift the Bubble Visor upward to make the vision clear. 3 heavy duty adjustable stainless steel snaps. The snaps are adjustable, moving left and right, which means that this lens can be suitable for helmets with three buckles, various half helmets, and 3/4 helmets.

Anti-fog treatment to minimize moisture accrual

Injection molded polycarbonate construction


Care and Maintenance

When installing, snap the center button first and then move to the outside snaps to make the process a bit easier.

To keep your shield clean, we recommend a mild solution of soapy water and a micro fiber cloth.  By using less abrasive methods to clear your shield, you will protect the plastic from being scratched.


Name: Bubble Visor                   Material: PC

Size: 20*20

Applicable helmet: 3 button helmet, half helmet, 3/4 helmet

Applicable size: universal          Weight: 230g

Package Included:

Included in this price are 2 things: 1 Bubble Visor and 1 Openable bracket for the bubble visor.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm
Bubble Visor Colors

Chrome Iridium, Clear, Dark Smoke, Light Smoke, Night Vision, Orange, Smoke


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